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EST. 2018


Honey Bee

Custom Signs and Décor
Marble Surface
Why Custom Rentals

Renting personalized and custom décor is the best way to achieve the look you want for your event without being left with random signs and decorations you probably won't ever use again.

When you buy single-use items for your event, yeah, you might be able to resell them or it's more likely they might end up in the trash if there isn't a use for them after the event. When you rent your items, you cut down on waste because you know they'll be used again. 

Whether you don't have the time to DIY or the money to work

with for all of the little details, I am here to help! 

Why Rent
About Me

About Me

Raised in New Hampshire, dog mom, wine enthusiasts & self proclaimed plant lady. 

Nothing makes me happier than having a trip planned somewhere - travel of any kind is my JAM. I am constantly working on a list of places to check off of my bucket list.

I've been working as a wedding planner at Birch Wood Vineyards for 8 years and a 2023 Birch Wood bride myself.


I love seeing new trends, colors, textures and designs.


Creating custom signage for couples, friends or anyone really brings me joy especially when it all comes together! 

Image by Augustine Wong

I would love to make your upcoming wedding, event

or a gift even more special by creating a unique sign or adding personalized décor!

Plus, anytime you can reuse, & recycle is a win for the environment!

Let's get creative!


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